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Eyebrow Treatment

Aesthetician Services

Brow Tint: This treatment will enhance, shape & define your brows weeks  without the hassle of daily brow makeup. Can be combined with brow  lamination and wax. 

Brow Lamination: A semi-permanent chemical treatment process to make the  brows lie flat and straight, giving the illusion of a thicker brow. Can last up to  6-8 weeks. Can be combined with brow tint and wax. 

Lash Lift: A lash lift sets the shape of your "natural lashes" using a chemical  solution. Essentially, what your lashes look like after using an eyelash curler,  except that the results last 4-6 weeks. Can be combined with a lash tint. 

Lash Tint: Define your natural lashes with the illusion that you are wearing  mascara ALL the time. Lasts up to 4 weeks. Can be combined with a lash lift. 

Waxing: Remove unwanted hair with any of our professional waxing  treatments. We offer an extensive range of options including lip, chin,  eyebrows, bikini, underarms, forearms, leg, back or chest. These treatments  will reveal smoother skin and help shape the area you are wishing to  treat. Interested in other areas. Please reach out for additional details.  

Paraffin Wax: A beautiful add on to help add moisture and make hands feel  supple and soft. But also helps aid in pain by increasing blood flow to the area  and relax muscles and decrease joint stiffness. Make sure to leave a comment  when you book online if you would like to add this service to any treatment.  

Taking Referrals to our Certified Permanent Makeup Artist

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